Yoplait: Fun, French, Feminine, and Quirky

Yoplait: Fun, French, Feminine, and Quirky


Yoplait has decided to return to its authentically French origin. With this ad, Yoplait emphasizes that French origin to make the brand distinctive among yogurts and to create an impression of Yoplait that draws people to the brand.

Yoplait’s distinctiveness makes it easier for the brand to pop into people’s minds. Brands that come to mind more easily are perceived as more important and more desirable than brands that come to mind less easily. Yoplait’s uses its Frenchness to make the brand more mentally available and, therefore, more likely to end up in the shopping cart.

The fun, French, feminine, and quirky spokesperson personifies the Yoplait user. Beyond the spokesperson, everything about the ad—scenery, costuming, choreography, music—seems fun, French, feminine, and quirky. Because people infer qualities of the product from the way the brand acts in its advertising, the ad communicates that the brand is fun, French, feminine, and quirky without the need to make any literal claims. In advertising, actions are far more believable than claims.

The one literal claim that Yoplait does make seems a misstep. The spokesperson discards a heaping teaspoon of sugar and tells viewers that Yoplait now has 25% less sugar. Viewers have to realize that if one heaping teaspoon of sugar is 25%, three heaping teaspoons of sugar are still in the container.

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