Wonderful and Nuts

Wonderful and Nuts


Fun, edgy, wacky, irreverent, and consistent.  These ads from Wonderful Pistachios offer no factual information but speak eloquently to the non-conscious mind, that lizard-like part of our mind that makes most of our decisions and influences all of them.

Roll Global, the company that owns Wonderful Pistachios must not be worried about competition from other brands of pistachios.  The ads just sell pistachios and not the Wonderful brand.

Thanks to the consistency and attention-getting style of these ads, the idea of pistachios now pops into our mind a lot more quickly, more easily, and more often than it used to. The ads have made pistachios more mentally available and that mental availability is money in the bank.  If pistachios don’t pop into mind, they are unlikely to end up in the shopping cart.   Store displays help trigger the thought.  When we see the displays with their distinctive pistachio green color, we can’t help but call to mind the attitude and often the detail of the ads.

The ads don’t work by logic.  Rather they work by generating inference.  The ads cause viewers to infer qualities of pistachios and pistachio eaters.

Expert persuaders, as far back as the ancient Greek rhetoricians, know that what you say in a message is less important than how you say it.  How you say it conveys more to the receiver than the message’s literal information content.  Receivers instantly, effortlessly, and automatically draw inferences about of the source of the message, in this case, about pistachios and, by extension, pistachio eaters.  The ads are fun, edgy, wacky, and irreverent so pistachios seem fun, edgy, wacky, and irreverent.

This change in the perception of pistachios can actually change the experience of eating pistachios.  Though the ads may seem a little nuts, their style and fun make pistachios more fun to eat.

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