Windows 10 and the Foot-In-The-Door

Windows 10 and the Foot-In-The-Door


This video describes the features of Windows 10 to Microsoft website visitors.

With the introduction of Windows 10, Microsoft has decided to take a classic, foot-in-the-door approach to marketing–changing computer users’ behavior without directly changing how those users feel about Microsoft. Microsoft, of course, wants people to buy Microsoft products. But it doesn’t aim directly at that ultimate goal. Rather, Microsoft has invited everyone who has Windows 7 or 8 to download Windows 10 for free. The company doesn’t make money by offering free downloads of their new operating system. But Microsoft knows that everyone who downloads Windows 10 is more likely to purchase other Microsoft products and is less likely to switch to a Mac.

Windows 10 is free because downloading Windows 10 puts computer users on the path toward purchasing other Microsoft products.

Amazingly, what people do changes how they feel. Downloading Windows 10 improves computer users attitude toward Microsoft a bit and makes it a little easier to sell everything else Microsoft.

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