Why kids acting as adults?

Why kids acting as adults?


A recommendation to use FedEx Ground gets grudging respect from the rest of the business team. Everyone wants respect from their team and showing the audience how they can feel the way they would like to feel is a good approach to advertising.

But he audience has to wonder why the business team is all kids dressed as business executives used to dress in the days before business casual and why these kids are pretending to act like adults? Kids playing business executives is an unexpected and initially interesting device. Unfortunately, the device doesn’t lead anywhere. Kids-as-adults doesn’t illustrate or imply anything about FedEx Ground. If the device does imply some desirable quality of FedEx Ground, most of the audience will miss the implication. The unrelated gimmick of kids-as-adults distracts the audience from the message of the spot and, over the long term, will annoy the audience.

The audience won’t be eager to see this ad again or share it with friends.

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