Why Ask Why?

Why Ask Why?

Science has demonstrated that people don’t know how they choose or what’s important to their decision. But pollsters continue to ask. When pollsters ask what qualities are most important in a presidential candidate, the answers pollsters get are worse than useless. The answers are more likely to mislead than to illuminate.

In March of 2015, PEW Research Center reported the results of their poll on the qualities important in a presidential candidate.(PEW) By an almost 2 to 1 margin, Republican voters said that “experience and a proven record” were more important than “new ideas and a different approach.”

But a mid-August poll by (FOX) found Trump to be the front-runner in the Republican primary.  Trump was preferred by more than twice as many Republican voters as any other candidate. Three candidates who never held elected office, Trump (25%), Carson (12%), and Fiorina (5%), were preferred by 42%of Republican voters. When Ted Cruz (10%) with his two-year Senate career, is added, a majority of Republican voters prefers a candidate with little or no political experience over any of the 14 candidates with extensive experience and records.

People have no idea what’s most important in their decision, how they make a decision, or why they choose whom they choose. Why ask why? The answer can only mislead.

You can find out the answer, but you won’t find out with a direct question.

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