When is it a good idea to punch out Santa?

When is it a good idea to punch out Santa?


The brand would like Coach to come to mind when people are thinking about gifts because a brand that doesn’t come to mind won’t get added to the Christmas list and because people use mental availability as a shortcut to evaluation. We think more highly of a brand that comes more quickly to mind. One way to increase mental availability is to act differently, to zig when others zag, or to punch out Santa at the start of the Christmas season. Coach’s unexpected approach will get the brand to pop into a lot of heads and get the brand added to a lot of shopping lists. The ad got over 5 million views on You Tube in the first week.

When the brand comes to mind, Coach would like another concept to tag along with it. Coach would like to associate the brand with intense desire. How does a brand communicate the passion for possessing it? Desire is difficult to show directly in a commercial, so ads focus instead on the exaggerated lengths to which people go to acquire the brand. The approach makes for an entertaining story, and viewers will easily infer the desire behind the bizarre behavior. Traveling to the North Pole, decking Santa, and taking the bag you want is beyond what’s normally expected and viewers conclude for themselves that the desire for Coach is acute.

Viewers also learn, without being told, that women who desire Coach are young, attractive, assertive, and well to do.

Nice way to kick off the selling season.

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