What Pine Sol Says is Less Important Than How It Says It.

What Pine Sol Says is Less Important Than How It Says It.


Pine Sol has given us a series of “pre-rolls.” A pre-roll is a short ad that viewers are shown before they get to see the content they want. Putting up with a pre-roll is the price you pay for getting to see what you’ve chosen to watch on You Tube. While after a few seconds viewers often have the ability to skip the pre-roll ad, most people don’t bother and just wait a few more seconds to see the material they’re after.

These are not conventional ads. They don’t demonstrate the product in use, they make no claim about the superiority of Pine Sol, and they don’t show anyone happy with the results of using the product. However, these ads do four things for the brand.

  1. The ads contribute to the mental availability of Pine Sol. People gauge the desirability of a brand by the ease with which it comes to mind. The long list of pre-rolls lets the brand get its name in front of a lot of potential customers often without the wear-out that comes from seeing the same ad over and over. The net effect is that the brand is likely to spring to mind when it otherwise might not.
  2. Each ad pairs Pine Sol with another type of surface to be cleaned. The set as a whole communicates a wide range of uses for the product.
  3. As usual, what the ads say is less important than how they say it. The unexpected, understated, and un-advertising style of the ads updates and enlivens a somewhat sleepy brand image.
  4. The painfully obvious final statements,

“We don’t have eyes.”

“We don’t rock.”

“We don’t have ears.”

“We don’t watch TV”

“We don’t gamble.”

encourage viewers to momentarily substitute what Pine Sol actually does do.


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