What Is a Black Eagle’s Crew?

What Is a Black Eagle’s Crew?


The ad succeeds in bringing the Black Eagle logo to life, saying “bold flavor,” and showing four young, attractive urban people, one female and three males, drinking the product.

But this ad is so confusing it overwhelms any message.

Viewers are left wondering “Why would a Black Eagle have a ‘crew’?  What would it mean to be in a Black Eagle’s crew?”

An ad doesn’t have to make literal sense.  It can be fanciful, funny, ironic, or metaphorical.  An ad can present viewers with a puzzle that viewers have to solve to understand what is going on.  But an ad can’t put forward nonsense and expect viewers to waste effort interpreting it.

When the Black Eagle flies in a highrise window and confronts four young, attractive, urban people drinking Tecate Light, one female and three male, the bird says in voice-over, “this is the wrong apartment. “  The eagle is right.  It is four different people drinking Tecate Light.  But if the eagle didn’t tell viewers, they’d probably never know.  Viewers would have to be paying close attention to notice the difference.

Why would the first group of four people drinking Tecate Light be the eagle’s crew and the second group also drinking Tecate Light, not be?  How would the eagle behave if he flew in the right apartment?  More nonsense puzzles, not worth trying to figure out.

Bringing the logo to life and associating the majestic bird with bold flavor are interesting ideas.  Unfortunately, those ideas are lost in a confusing message that leaves viewers scratching their heads.

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