What does Cruz think of his audience?

What does Cruz think of his audience?


Ted Cruz has created a standard video to promote his candidacy including hard working parents, Mt. Rushmore, and jets in formation.

He has a lot to say about what he believes is important. Cruz assumes the audience will pay attention, but he does little to hold their attention providing only a dull monologue and uninteresting photos and video clips.

Voters are trying to understand who the candidates are as people. Voters are not scrutinizing what’s said and shown, in part, because voters believe that politicians will say or show whatever they think will get them elected. But voters do pay close attention to how Cruz says what he says because that reveals who Cruz is and what he thinks about his audience. Viewers ask themselves, “What sort of person would create this message?”

This video gives viewers the impression that Cruz has a high opinion of himself, seeing himself as smart and tough. It also gives viewers the impression that Cruz feels his audience should sit there and listen to his lecture.

Cruz obviously believes that information persuades. He feels that if he can get across the right information, voters will see how sharp and aggressive he is and will vote his way. But, in politics, as in marketing, information is often impotent.

Cruz doesn’t seem to want to be liked. He seems to want to be respected and followed. No smiles for the camera, just fierce determination.   He talks about fighting six times, and about battling, taking on, and stopping.

The video will remind those already in the Cruz camp why he’s their choice. If undecided voters watch, they will get an impression of Ted Cruz that may not help his chances.

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