What Do a Serene Dog and an Uptight Scientist Communicate?

What Do a Serene Dog and an Uptight Scientist Communicate?


Dog people have to love this ad. Anyone can enjoy it.

The puzzled dog is endearingly patient. The white-coated scientist is foolishly serious.

The ad tells viewers about the people who buy Organix dog food without ever showing an Organix buyer. The amusing story of the serene dog and the uptight tester communicates a lot about the people who buy Organix. Viewers infer buyers:

  • are smart, smarter than most people and smarter than other dog owners
  • are droll
  • enjoy dogs, maybe even more than they enjoy people.

With a simple figure of speech, substitution, the ad shows viewers something obviously false, inviting them to supply the correction. To make sure viewers understand, the ad explains that dogs can’t read ingredients, but you can. Dog owners who read ingredients choose Organix.

The ad entertains, resonates with dog owners, compliments buyers, and suggests the brand’s superiority to other brands. But all the ad’s positives are in service of an unfortunate brand name. Brand names should be distinctive, be memorable, and, if possible, suggest a product advantage. Nike does all three. The name, Organix, does suggest a product advantage but doesn’t do the primary things a brand name should do—be distinctive and memorable.

A good ad for a weak brand name.

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