What a Waste

What a Waste


What a waste.

At a cost of many millions of dollars, Clinton is showing this message to twenty million people on the night before the election. It won’t do much to help her campaign.

Undecided voters need to feel the enthusiasm of her supporters. Those voters will evaluate Clinton by their impression of those who are excited about her candidacy and whether her support feels like it’s growing or declining.  But this commercial doesn’t give viewers any sense of energy, passion or popularity. Viewers simply stare at Clinton staring back at them for 120 seconds.

Clinton has admitted her challenge. She “is not a natural candidate.” She doesn’t easily connect with large groups of people. She seems incapable of speaking simply and plainly. No matter how hard she tries, her wonkish prose and emotionless delivery come across as insincere.

This commercial is a thoughtful appeal to the issues. If an election were a rational, issues-based choice, this commercial might be powerful. Unfortunately, voters select the candidate that feels right to them. This ad doesn’t do anything to make Clinton feel right.

After seventeen months of campaigning, undecided voters don’t need to see two more minutes of Hillary Clinton talking directly to the camera. What is holding undecided voters back is that Clinton just doesn’t seem like someone they find appealing and someone they would be proud to vote for.

Clinton obviously feels that voters need to see more of her and to hear her voice. Voters don’t. Voters need to have a better idea how good it would feel to vote for Hillary Clinton.

Bernie Sanders is long out of the race but the spirit of his “America” commercial (http://persuadethelizard.com/a-sample-of-what-it-would-feel-like-to-support-sanders/) was a lot closer to how Clinton should have closed the campaign.

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