Verizon Promises More But Gets Less

Verizon Promises More But Gets Less


Verizon has introduced “Smart Rewards.” Just by doing business with Verizon, customers earn reward points that can be redeemed for savings on Verizon merchandise or services.

To dramatize the offering, the ad contrasts “good more”, or Smart Rewards, with “bad more.”  However, all the energy, entertainment value, and attention in the ad are on “bad more” rather than on Smart Rewards.

The woman discovering the Smart Rewards she has earned from Verizon is pleasantly surprised but oblivious to the main drama of the spot.  She sits on a sofa off to the side while the view through the patio door occupies center stage where her husband’s excitement gradually turns to fear.  He is able to attract birds to the bird feed he has placed on his outstretched arms.  Smaller birds are gradually joined by successively larger, more frightening birds until the birds carry him off.

The ad brings “bad more” to life in a memorable way.  It does nothing to bring to life the pleasure of Smart Rewards.  Contrast doesn’t do it.  Just because “bad more” may be unpleasant, doesn’t mean that “good more” is desirable.

This is an entertaining ad that focuses viewers’ attention on the irrelevant.

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