Using Children as Gun Sights

Using Children as Gun Sights

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This is one of a series of print ads.  Each features a different gun, but all replace the sight on the gun with a child.  On one, the gun sight is replaced with a figure of a child on a big wheel.  On another, the gun sight is replaced by a child playing basketball.  On the third, the gun sight is replaced by a child on a slide.

Each image is a jarring metaphor that is accompanied by the copy, “In America, gun violence sets its sights on kids every 30 minutes.”

If the intent is to reach those who oppose increased gun regulation, helping them rethink their position and maybe even visit CeaseFirePA, the effort is misguided.  People who oppose gun regulation want a gun in their home precisely because they fear their family will be subject to gun violence.  They most commonly hear about children caught in the crossfire of gang rivals.  If nearby gangs have guns, these people understandably intend to have a gun too in hopes of protecting their family.

Can we not make the case that children in law-abiding homes are more likely to suffer from gun violence simply because a gun is present  Can’t we say that a gun in the home is like a ticking time bomb in the home, a danger to all but unlikely to ever be used in defense.

This ad gives a pat on the back to all those already encouraging increased gun regulation but does little persuade people who resist increased gun regulation.  It’s the anti-gun forces talking to themselves rather than trying to make a change.

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