Using a 73-Year-Old to Attract a New Generation

Using a 73-Year-Old to Attract a New Generation


This ad associates the Chrysler brand with Bob Dylan, who is 73 years old and who peaked in 1965. Does this connection move the brand forward or reinforce what everybody already thinks of Chrysler?

The ad talks about American working people and American heart but Bob Dylan is front and center throughout. Sure, Bob Dylan is counter-culture, truth-telling, a rebel, and a spokesman for the common man, but he is also undeniably a has-been. If Chrysler could associate themselves with Bruce Springsteen—who is still selling out arenas nationwide–or an even more contemporary voice of the common man, they would have something.

The creators were wise not to use Dylan’s current singing voice or they also would have associated Chrysler with a sad shadow of its former self.

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