Unstoppable Always

Unstoppable Always


Cause marketing seeks to improve perceptions of a brand by building an association in the target’s mind between that brand and a cause  the target embraces. The success of cause marketing depends on three things: (1) how people feel about the cause, (2) the strength of the link that is created between the brand and the cause, and (3) the meaning of the link.

The brand, Always, is aligning itself with the cause of keeping girl’s confidence high during puberty and beyond. People in general and women in particular are enthusiastic about the cause. Always has chosen well.

The link is strong. Always seems to be primarily responsible for popularizing this cause. The brand is committed to promoting this cause, making it the theme of its Super Bowl ad and featuring it prominently on the Always website. Always has forged the link with the cause of young women’s confidence with determination and visible commitment.

Most brands have to explain the meaning of the link. Most brands have to tell consumers what the connection with a cause implies about the brand. Always doesn’t have to explain. The product benefit and the cause are almost identical. This is an example of cause marketing done well.

Though the video a bit heavy-handed and preachy, it works.

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