Ultra Sexy, Not Ultra Thin

Ultra Sexy, Not Ultra Thin


Lane Bryant wants to capitalize on the mistake by category leader, Victoria’s Secret. 

Victoria’s Secret featured its ten models, known as its “angels”, under the headline “Perfect ‘Body’”.  Many women inferred from that ad that Victoria’s Secret believes those ultra-thin models have the perfect body, which would mean that 99% of women don’t.  Victoria’s Secret unintentionally insulted almost all of their potential customers and angered quite a few of them.

Lane Bryant responded with this ad for their Cacique intimate apparel collection.  The ad shows women who are not ultra thin looking ultra sexy. 

The ad seeks to change the experience of buying and wearing Lane Bryant plus-size intimate apparel.  The ad has to change the expectation to change the experience.  Lane Bryant wants plus-size women to expect to look and feel sexy in their Cacique intimate apparel.  Lane Bryant knows that an enhanced expectation will improve the experience.  People experience what they expect to experience.

When buying intimate apparel, women are often looking for more than function.  They are looking for a feeling.  They want to feel beautiful and sexy.  The brand that offers them that feeling will win their business. 

The ad should appeal to all those women who are ready to admit they are plus-sized but know they’re still sexy.  That’s a lot of women.

Will the ad make thin women wish they were more voluptuous?  Probably not.  That change would require a cultural change beyond the ability of Lane Bryant.

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