Twix Should Have Taken a Bigger Bite

Twix Should Have Taken a Bigger Bite


Other candy bar companies have been offering bags of bite sized versions for years. Twix finally has decided to join them.  To announce new bite-sized Twix, this ad, and other ads in the series, offer humorous excuses, blaming the delay on the “80s.

If interest in bite-sized Twix is so high that an announcement is all that’s needed, why not just use an in-store display?

The excuses for the delay in offering bite-sized Twix are amusing, but they are really Twix talking to itself, not to potential customers.  From the potential customer’s perspective, the reasons why the bite-sized version wasn’t available before now are irrelevant.  The only thing that matters is the reward of buying bite-sized Twix now.

Entertainment is wonderful.  But the entertainment should enhance the experience of buying, not explain corporate behavior.

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