TurboTax Shut Out at the Big Dance

TurboTax Shut Out at the Big Dance



Fun, entertaining, and friendly, but not really about TurboTax.

Is the setup needed?  Why spend the bulk of the time telling Super Bowl viewers that watching the Super Bowl can be painful?   Can’t the site, the use, and the user themselves be fun and friendly?

Lot of effort to build a logical proposition

  1. Superbowl may be a big day for some, but it’s not a big day for you unless you live in Seattle or Denver
  2. Watching the Superbowl when your team’s not playing, is like watching the girl you love at the prom with another guy
  3. TurboTax can make even this lousy day your day

A long, indirect walk to get to the point.  Just go straight to “TurboTax makes any day a great day.”  Sure make the message fun, but keep the fun focused.

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