Trump writes Clinton’s negative ads

Trump writes Clinton’s negative ads


Trump is marvelous at writing negative ads about himself.  Trump is Clinton’s best copywriter.  How can he argue an ad is unfair to him if it features his own words in his own voice?

The ad simply associates Trump with some of the outrageous things he has said. But he has said many shocking things and voters might have become desensitized. The horrific statements follow so quickly one after the other each may have a little less ability to astonish. So the ad pairs Trump’s statements with the reactions of children. Clinton wants to keep voters shocked.

It’s not an original idea.   Back in March, Fine Brothers Entertainment posted a video of children reacting to Trump comments and that video has been seen over 11,000,000 times.

Original or not, the ad works well at least until the final 20 seconds. Clinton does not help herself with extended appearances in ads. The power of the ad is the contrast between Trump’s comments and the audience of children. All that’s needed is hearing Clinton’s voice telling voters to use their vote to make sure our children are proud of us. More Clinton only dilutes the ad’s power.

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