Trump and a Queasy Feeling

Trump and a Queasy Feeling


The ad is designed not to get viewers to like Clinton but to make viewers uncomfortable with supporting Trump.

It is, of course, negative advertising but negative advertising made all the more powerful because the subject of the negative ad stars in it. Donald Trump is himself the copywriter, the voice, and the central character.

Trump’s misogynistic comments are paired with images of adolescent girls looking at themselves in mirrors. This memorable association leaves the viewer feeling queasy. And that’s the point. Clinton is out to define what it feels like to support Trump. She seeks to associate Trump with sexism and with the potential damage his presidency could do to girls at a vulnerable age.

The ad has been created to serve as a reverse sampling program—giving viewers a small sample of what it might feel like to support Trump. He has provided plenty of ammunition.

What might it feel like to support Clinton? If she could communicate how it would feel to support her as clearly and effectively as she is characterizing Trump support, Clinton would be further ahead in the polls.

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