Top 10 Most Persuasive Ads of 2015

As 2015 draws to a close, our attention naturally turns to…Top 10 lists—the best movies, best albums, best books, best TV shows, and best ads.   The criterion for making a Top 10 list is artistic brilliance.

This list is different. This is a list of the 2015’s Top 10 ads based not on their artistry but their persuasiveness. The advertisers’ only goal is persuasion. Without the hope of persuasion, no one would bother to advertise. Artistic brilliance is a helpful tool. But persuasion is the objective.

Any ad implicitly promises its audience that it is worthy of their attention. These ads deliver on that pledge. These ads invite the audience to participate, to complete a thought, or to draw a conclusion. The audience will only believe what they tell themselves. These ads show us how it will feel to do what they ask because feelings are immediate and motivating. These advertisers know that what they literally say is not the key to persuasion. The key is how they say it. These ads successfully communicate with the part of us that enables us to walk, talk, catch a fly ball, fall in love, and make decisions.

Here are the 10 most persuasive ads of 2015 in alphabetical order.  Click on the link to view each ad and to see a full review.

  1. Airbnb

Travelers learn that if they book lodging through Airbnb, they will discover how fabulous the world can be when they see it through local eyes.

  1. Android

Pairs of unlikely but charming animal friends represent Android working smoothly with a broad range of devices while iOS and Apple are the boring, restricting “same.”

  1. Budweiser

Budweiser drinkers seem to enjoy lively, even raucous social gatherings where the beer flows freely.  People who drink microbrews seem to drink in small, quiet gatherings.  Budweiser says, “Let them sip their pumpkin, peach ale.”

  1. Ikea

Ikea features a series of humble products with increasing drama and nobility until viewers realize both that Ikea is proud of their offerings, and that Ikea knows that viewers will enjoy their over-the-top, tongue in cheek homage.

  1. iPhone 6

The eloquence of what’s unsaid.   Communication is rich though words are few.


Viewers tell themselves the message.  An announcer never has to belabor the point.

  1. Oreo Thins

The flavor and fun of Oreo now come in an intriguing new shape. It’s just a cookie, but it’s a cookie with personality.

  1. Sauza 901

We learn of decline and fall of limes and the rise of a brand. Has Sauza 901 found the cure for “pucker face”?

  1. Sharpie

Tells the sad, funny tale of an interview gone wrong because of childhood indiscretion with a Sharpie.

10. Snickers

Snickers explains the difference between the real you and the hungry you in an entertaining execution of a smart strategy.

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