The Size of Your Arm Is the Size of Your Desire

The Size of Your Arm Is the Size of Your Desire


The Super Bowl audience expects to be entertained.  If an advertiser fails to entertain, they annoy the very people they are trying to win over.

And entertainment is not enough.  People talk about Super Bowl ads online or the next day, swapping descriptions of their favorites.  Brands compete to win the Super Bowl of advertising.

In the local town of this ad, disputes over favorite Skittles are settled by arm wrestling.  As a result, everyone in town, old ladies, babies, even dogs, have massively overdeveloped right arms.

It’s impossible to show how much people like a product.  So advertisers show how much people want that product.  What people will do for a product makes better film.  Universal, overdeveloped, right arms stand in for how much people want Skittles.

A nice commercial but the next day people will not be asking each other, “Did you see that Skittles ad?”

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