Ikea’s Overwrought Tributes to Everyday Objects

Ikea’s Overwrought Tributes to Everyday Objects


Ikea is known as a furniture store, renowned for its economy, style, and challenging assembly.  Ikea worries that people aren’t sufficiently aware that the store sells a lot of other hardware for the home, like hangers, hooks, toilet paper holders, and faucets.

The ad is a sequence of shots of their products in situ each presented more and more heroically until viewers realize both that Ikea is proud of their offerings, and that Ikea knows that viewers will be entertained by their over-the-top, tongue in cheek homage.  Viewers are happy to participate in the message and substitute the real message, that Ikea has nice home hardware, for Ikea’s overwrought tributes.

The ad accomplishes a couple of things at once.  The fun and false drama of the ad makes Ikea much more likely to spring to mind when a potential customer thinks about home hardware.  The wit and light-hearted nature of the ad contribute to the feeling that Ikea thinks highly of its customers and that Ikea would be an enjoyable place to shop.

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