“The Birds” Replaced by “The Drones”

“The Birds” Replaced by “The Drones”


In this elaborate take-off on a Hitchcock film, drones replace birds in the title role.  The Birds tapped into the fear that nature will turn against us.  This ad taps into the fear that technology will turn against us.  It is a clever, creative idea, but it doesn’t do much for Audi.

Are people anxious about the advanced technology in rival automobiles?   People who are likely to buy a luxury automobile are curious about advanced technology, not intimidated by it.  Does Audi’s unintimidating, advanced technology give Audi an edge it can exploit?  Unfortunately, no.  Audi’s advanced technology is much like any luxury car’s advanced technology.

A bigger problem is what the ad suggests about Audi drivers.

First of all, the ad suggests that Audi seeks drivers who are intimidated by advanced technology and are looking for the confidence that comes with Audi’s friendlier version of technology.  If Audi appeals to drivers threatened by advanced technology, Audi drivers must be older.  You can sell a young person’s car to an older person, but you can’t sell an older person’s car to a young person.

Secondly, the ad suggests that Audi’s more palatable technology can make their drivers so insufferably self-centered that they calmly drive away when their friends and colleagues are in distress.

Whether Audi drivers seem intimidated, older, or self-centered, the Audi brand takes a step backward.

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