Temptations Persuades Using Cat Math

Temptations Persuades Using Cat Math


Temptations treats adTwo Temptations treats are greater than six balls of yarn–a simple arrangement of images to draw the reader’s attention and a clever message for the reader to decipher. Just in case the reader misses the message, the ad repeats the message in copy at the bottom.

The ad obeys the first rule of conversation: have something to say that receivers will want to receive. The ad trips up on the second rule of conversation: never explicitly say what receivers can provide for themselves. The message is clear from the images. Why repeat it in type at the bottom of the ad? Give readers a puzzle they can easily solve but don’t insist on solving it for them. Have a little confidence in readers. They will appreciate it.

One might be tempted to replace the two Temptations bits on the left with the Temptations package. This would eliminate the need for the bottom line altogether and eliminate the two difficult-to-identify bits.




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