How to tame Little Beasts

How to tame Little Beasts


This series of online ads does a lot of things right.

The company doesn’t need to change anybody’s attitude toward Ziploc to get parents of young children to use more Ziploc bags.  Everybody feels pretty good about Ziploc already.  That’s not what’s holding people back.  SC Johnson, the maker of Ziploc, needs to associate Ziploc with raising small children and make Ziploc spontaneously pop into the minds of parents.  Right now, the association between Ziploc and parenting is not automatic.  These ads help because parents can’t avoid smiling and seeing themselves in the stories.

Ads, especially Online ads, are at the mercy of the viewer.  People only see what attracts and keeps their attention.  Nobody will watch involuntarily.  These charming stories of resigned and resilient parents struggling to tame their not-yet-civilized little ones will get plenty of attention.  Parents will laugh and realize the empathy that Ziploc has for their plight.

But why not remind parents of the reward of including Ziploc in their efforts?  No one expects Ziploc to completely change the outcome in the restaurant or when toilet training.   That could be suggested but only in wild hyperbole much like the nerd becoming irresistibly attractive to the beautiful woman.  Everyone realizes it’s not true but still gets the point.

The reward for parents could be that momentary, and maybe illusory, feeling of being prepared.  A couple of seconds of parents loading Ziploc bags like soldiers loading their weapons before a battle is all it would take to communicate a feeling of preparation.  Though the outcome of the battle is unchanged, parents can still have that momentary feeling.

Leaving viewers with the feeling that “I like the Ziploc brand.” is a step forward.  Leaving viewers thinking that “I like the feeling I can get from using Ziploc bags.” would be two steps forward.

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