Dell shows people how to get what they don’t want.

Dell shows people how to get what they don’t want.


Successful ads talk about what people want and show them how to get it by, of course, buying the products.

This ad takes a different approach.  It talks about what people don’t want and shows them how to get it.

Through exaggeration, the ad suggests that people who enthusiastically use the Dell tablet phone to take selfies may be permanently disabled with “selfie arm.”  This is hyperbole, of course, exaggeration for the sake of emphasis.  The emphasis is usually on the rewards of the product.  However here, the exaggeration emphasizes an unpleasant, frivolous result of using the product.

The ad does associate Dell with selfies and currently Dell probably doesn’t pop into people’s minds when they think of selfies.  But what will also pop into people’s minds is an unpleasant but silly side-effect of selfies with a Dell.

Why exaggerate an imaginary problem, especially when the exaggeration is not particularly funny?  Why not exaggerate the rewards of using a Dell tablet phone?

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