Subaru: Heartwarming But Not Persuasive

Subaru: Heartwarming But Not Persuasive


This is an attention getting ad, a lovely ad, a heartwarming ad, but not a persuasive ad.

The goal was association. When car buyers think of Subaru, hopefully, they would associate the brand with the warmth of parental love surprisingly and engagingly presented as a large friendly dog driving a Subaru to help his pup in the infant’s seat in back to fall asleep. Maybe the brand would also be associated with a comfortable, quiet ride.

The ad neglects to let viewers know that the car is a Subaru. Viewers might be able to make out the dimly lit Subaru logo on the car, but nobody’s looking at the logo. All eyes are fixed on the unexpected and amusing driving dog. The brand name only is revealed in the last couple of seconds when viewers know there is nothing more of interest to be seen, and many have turned away.

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