Struck by a Rainbow

Struck by a Rainbow


Struck by a rainbow.  Wonderful sentence, provocative and fun. Could mean anything.  It could describe the transformation that happens whenever you eat a Skittles.

In this particular case, when the gentleman who is the subject of this mockumentary was “Struck by a rainbow.” his skin turned into Skittles.  His entire surface is now made up of color coordinated Skittles matching his pre-Skittles features.  His lips, of course, are red.  He is much like a candy Lego man except the individual Skittles sometimes come loose.

When taken semi-seriously, the device lends itself to funny lines, “That’s all everybody does is pick at me.” and funny scenes like a kiss leading to a nibble.

Viewers infer the qualities of a brand from what the brand does and its advertising is an action of the brand.  To reveal those inferences, you can ask “What sort of a brand would make an ad like this?”

Viewers will conclude that the brand that made this mockumentary is wacky and creative, desirable qualities for a brand of candy.  Though they might also conclude it is weird maybe even a little creepy.   Viewers will not infer delicious or appetizing.  Nothing about the ad is appetizing.

The ad works but another interpretation of what it means to be “Struck by a rainbow.” might do more for the brand.

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