Spotify Helps the Deaf Hear

Spotify Helps the Deaf Hear


In cause marketing, a brand seeks to create a link in the consumer’s mind between the brand and a cause.  The cause gets needed visibility and money while the brand gets to share the warm feelings people have for the cause.

The success of cause marketing is dependent on three factors: (1) how positively people feel about the cause, (2) the strength of the link forged between the brand and the cause, and (3) the meaning of the link.

(1) Spotify has selected a great cause—helping the deaf hear–universal appeal, no political negatives, easy to dramatize in video communications.

(2) The link is forged by the presence of the Spotify logo throughout the entire video. Anyone who knows the logo, and their target does, recognizes immediately who is telling this emotional story. Near the end, one sentence on the screen explains that Spotify partnered with the Starkey Hearing Foundation to provide hearing aids to hundreds in Puerto Princesa, Philippines.

(3) The meaning of the link between this cause and the brand is unusually clear. Helping the deaf hear fits perfectly with Spotify, a brand that brings music to millions around the world. If helping the deaf hear wasn’t miraculous enough, Spotify associates the act of helping the deaf hear with the many wondrous things that sound in general and music, in particular, do for us from dancing with our friends to expanding a child’s vocabulary.

The meaning of the link between the cause and the brand amplifies the power of cause marketing.

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