Spending Time with Rick Scott

Spending Time with Rick Scott


This ad for Rick Scott was part of a campaign by the Republican Governors Association, the RGA. It is two and a half minutes of Scott Walker sitting on a tall chair and talking to the camera.

If viewers were to analyze the content of the ad, they would find almost nothing about where Scott stands on the issues. Scott talks about being born and raised in poverty and taking advantage of the opportunity America offered. He says he cares about the people of Florida. He says that he gets up every day and asks himself, “What can I do today that’s going to increase the chance that companies are going to hire more people in Florida?” He asks what new obstacles the federal government will throw at Florida that will make it harder for Florida to create more jobs.Even though Scott doesn’t address the issues, his positions, or his record, and he stays safely behind political platitudes, it doesn’t matter. In fact, since Scott’s record and positions could be problematic, it’s a wise campaign strategy to highlight one area in which Scott holds an advantage over Crist—his naturalness. Crist, while good-looking, appears to be almost manufactured. In the RGA spot, voters have a chance to spend a little time with Rick Scott and he comes across as genuine. What he says is much less important than how he says it.

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