Some Great Pleasures Have No Price

Some Great Pleasures Have No Price


The video introduces two, sophisticated people, played by Jude Law and Giancarlo Giannini, who understand that some great pleasures have no price and can only be acquired through experience.  These are the sort of people; the ad implies, who drink Johnny Walker Blue Label.

People infer the qualities of a brand from the people who use it.

The video invites the viewer to join that group and become one of those people who drink Johnny Walker Blue Label.

Even if they are not going to drink Blue Label themselves, potential buyers learn that if they give Johnny Walker Blue Label as a gift, receivers will enjoy being seen in that light.

This ad is a nice example of selling a product through the inferences viewers draw from users of the product.

This ad takes the sale a step further.  The boat, one of those great pleasures in life that have no price, represents the product.  Viewers infer the extraordinary qualities of Johnny Walker Blue Label from the unique character of the boat.  A taste of Johnny Walker Blue Label is like sailing on such a well-crafted vessel with a good friend on a perfect day.  The boat is the reward that motivates the action.  Like Johnny Walker Blue Label,  the experience is priceless.

The video gives viewers a little sip of Johnny Walker Blue Label.

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