Where was this picture taken?

Where was this picture taken?

Sony Experia Dunking for Applespersuade-meter-2sf

The frightening face surrounded by wild hair and suspended apples grabs our attention.  The image holds our attention for a moment as our non-conscious mind works to make sense of it.  Just as our non-conscious mind can make a coherent 3D picture out of the millions of photons we encounter when we look out the window, the non-conscious mind figures out what is happening here automatically, quickly and effortlessly.  In just a moment, our non-conscious mind tells us that this is a remarkably clear photo taken from the bottom of a tub of water in which this Halloween reveler is bobbing for apples.

We enjoy solving the puzzle of the unexpected perspective and when we do, we tell ourselves exactly what Sony would like to communicate—that their Xperia smartphone takes amazingly good pictures under water.

The advertising holds our attention with a simple, enjoyable puzzle.  In solving it, we tell ourselves the message of the ad.  When the ad makes a claim, we question the source.  When we tell ourselves, the source us unimpeachable.

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