Skyy Vodka—West of Expected but Short of Potential

Skyy Vodka—West of Expected but Short of Potential


Skyy Vodka’s quirky spokesperson, appearing as an off-beat, somewhat cool academic, makes a TED-like, on-stage presentation. The spokesperson, accompanied by a bottle of vodka and a martini, delivers not science but droll observations on the bar scene.

By making and presenting this ad, Skyy Vodka suggests the brand and its drinkers are smart, diverting, and don’t take things too seriously.  The actions of Skyy Vodka speak to our non-conscious like its claims never could.   But it would help if the actions were more witty, charming, or funny.  Lemon as wingman when Orange meets Apple?  Use your cell phone as a coaster?  These ideas may be mildly amusing, but they’re not particularly memorable or shareable and they’re unrelated to the vodka.

The slogan for this California vodka may be the best thing about the ad.  “West of Expected.”   A simple, clever puzzle for the viewer to interpret, making a virtue of its California origin which, otherwise, could be a weakness.  And “West of Expected” is all about the vodka.

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