Sin and Sophistication for an Older Crowd

Sin and Sophistication for an Older Crowd


lasvegasAn ad is a sample of the experience the brand offers. Las Vegas, the ad says, offers Glitz, Glamour, and Gluttony. That’s not far from what the ad’s images communicate. The images tell the viewer that Las Vegas offers sophisticated decadence for older folks, that Las Vegas is the place to go when you want to give in to all those urges you normally keep in check.

The ad is also an attempt to change the experience of Las Vegas by changing the expectation. Improving experience by improving expectation is well documented in everything from carrots to beer and surely applies to cities. The visitor’s experience of Las Vegas is likely to include the sight of feeble retirees gambling away their pension checks on noisy, garish slot machines. But Las Vegas would prefer not to have visitors focus on elderly dissipation but rather have visitors expect and pay attention to glitz and glamour.

This ad won’t put young people on a plane to Vegas but the suggestion of sin and sophistication should get some older hearts beating faster.



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