Simple, Witty, and Effective

Simple, Witty, and Effective

Crest Toopaste Ad Text Messages persuade-meter-2sf

A simple, witty, and effective ad.

With very little on the page, this ad demonstrates the ability of a smile to change everything and associates the power of a smile with Crest Toothpaste.

Everyone wants to feel that their smile can work wonders. This ad talks about how we want to feel and shows us how to feel that way with Crest.

Obviously Crest Toothpaste didn’t change the story in those text messages. To make sense of the ad, readers have to engage with the figure of speech substituting their smiles for the emoticon and substituting some personal situation for the situation described in the texts. The ad requires a little effort from readers. But the ad isn’t asking readers to work, it’s giving readers the opportunity to participate. Readers enjoy cooperating and solving the simple puzzle.

Readers inevitably draw inferences about the advertiser from an ad. In effect, readers ask themselves, “What sort of a brand would make an ad like this?” and “What does this brand think of me?” By its ad, Crest has shown that the brand is fun, charming, and confident and that the brand has a high opinion of its potential customers. Crest apparently believes its potential customers will understand and like this simple but sophisticated message.

Associating the brand with the prospect’s desire, enhancing the image of the brand, and complimenting the user—an advertising trifecta.

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