Should We Save Travel Companies or Elephants?

Should We Save Travel Companies or Elephants?





Great photographs made all the more arresting by the crispness of detail in black and white.  Interesting combination and arrangement of line drawings, maps, photographs, and text gives readers a reason to pause for a moment.

But the text itself leaves readers scratching their heads.

Right at the top, the reader sees that this is a travel industry initiative to “aid travel sustainability causes around the world.”  The language may fit an organizational mission statement but not an ad.  What does that mean?

If readers continue, they see that they should contribute because otherwise “Africa’s travel industry will buckle.”  Is that going to get readers reaching for their checkbook?

The ad seems to be designed to speak to two audiences–one, travel industry participants, and two, potential donors.  As the ad tells travel industry participants why their money is being spent on this ad, it confuses people who might just want to save the elephants.

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