Shoes Floating Through an Urban Landscape (UGG)

Shoes Floating Through an Urban Landscape (UGG)


Shoes float through a quiet urban landscape for fifty seconds.  Then they appear on someone’s feet for four seconds.  In the final few seconds, viewers are shown the selling line—“A Lighter Way to Go”, the brand—UGG, and the product name—TREADLIGHT, against a background of what appears to be a municipal building.

The fifty seconds of shoes floating seems like an eternity.  At a minimum, UGG may want to move their selling line, brand name, and product name up sooner in the ad because, by the end, few viewers will be paying attention.

Any ad must follow basic rules for successful conversation.  The first rule is to have something interesting to say.  After a few seconds, floating shoes don’t qualify as interesting.

Sure, viewers get the implication that the shoes are light.  But they also draw an inference about the brand.  A brand that makes a boring ad is assumed to be a boring brand.  Its action, making a boring ad, speaks more convincingly than anything the brand might say.

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