Settle Down Kids (SDK) Aims to Settle Us Down on Ebola

Settle Down Kids (SDK) Aims to Settle Us Down on Ebola


SDK demonstrates the power of the right spokesperson. SDK (Settle Down Kids) is a group of seven young people who post entertaining videos, one-a-day, Monday through Saturday.  The videos relate to the theme they have chosen for the week.

This video, from Joe Santagato, aims to calm people down about Ebola.  It’s not your usual PSA.  Joe is plain-spoken, to say the least, and he speaks directly to camera for two and a half minutes, with no cue cards and no illustrations. This unusual PSA works.

The effectiveness of the PSA does not arise from the power of Joe’s information.  He is not saying anything that we have not heard many times before.  Joe’s message is effective because of Joe.  He is young, will informed, amusing, attractive, self-confident, irreverent, and full of life.  By who he is and the style of his message, Joe changes the stereotype of people who are not freaking out about Ebola.

By being calm about Ebola, viewers can participate in that young, well informed, amusing, attractive, self-confident, irreverent and full of life persona. By being calm about Ebola, viewers join that club.

People judge the value of a point-of-view by their perception of the people who hold that point-of-view.  Joe is a good spokesperson.

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