Ronald McDonald Overwhelms Taco Bell

Ronald McDonald Overwhelms Taco Bell


Taco Bell buries the big news.  After decades of fast food competition, Taco Bell now offers breakfast.

Instead of concentrating on the news, this ad focuses on the how well Taco Bell breakfast is liked by people named Ronald McDonald.

The fact that people named Ronald McDonald enjoy Taco Bell breakfast items is interesting and amusing.  But the big news, that Taco Bell now offers breakfast, is sacrificed in order to repeat the Ronald McDonald joke 7 times.  Telling the joke once or twice would have probably been enough.  The joke gets a little less funny with each retelling.

Since ads work on the non-conscious mind, the part of the mind that leads most  decisions, an ad can work even if viewers aren’t conscious of the association between the ad and the advertiser.  But an ad shouldn’t confuse viewers who could easily associate this ad, consciously or non-consciously, with McDonald’s rather than Taco Bell.  In the course of the ad’s 25 seconds, Taco Bell is mentioned twice and not shown on screen at all.  Ronald McDonald is mentioned seven times and the name, Ronald McDonald, is shown onscreen for over 15 seconds. What restaurant will people call to mind when thinking about a fast food breakfast?

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