Reversing Unhealthy Habits

Reversing Unhealthy Habits


This ad aims at parents. It encourages parents to visit to learn how to “reverse the unhealthy habits our kids take into adulthood.”

The ad is artfully done. Viewers see the world through the protagonist’s eyes. That world is a series of bad food choices that progress backward in time from a heart attack at age 32 to being fed French fries as an infant.

In persuasion, art helps. But it takes more than art.

This ad gives parents guilt rather than hope. The ad wants parents to visit the website but the ad doesn’t lead parents to expect much from the website except more guilt.

Parents already know what’s healthy eating and what’s unhealthy eating. They already know the dangers of unhealthy eating. They just can’t figure out how to make healthy eating work in their family. Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta doesn’t need to change parents’ attitudes. They need to show parents that the website offers realistic, useful options for changing their behavior.

All parents want to feel that they are good parents. How about giving them a little sample of the ideas they will find on that will help them be the kind of parent they want to be? Pacifying a toddler with a healthy alternative could make for a dramatic and involving ad.

If parents already want to do what you recommend, why waste time with a judgmental approach that makes them feel guilty for not doing it? Instead, show them that you can help them do it.



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