Impressive Three Musketeers’ Double Dutch

Impressive Three Musketeers’ Double Dutch


Mars realizes that an ad communicates a great deal about a brand even though it says little.   This ad communicates that Three Musketeers and, by extension, the people who eat Three Musketeers are entertaining, fun, and don’t take themselves too seriously.  To paraphrase Emerson, in making this ad, the candy bar speaks so loudly, viewers won’t pay much attention to what the brand says.

An ad is part of a conversation with potential customers.  The first rule of successful conversations is to have something interesting to say.  The Double Dutch skills of the Three Musketeers are impressive.  The second rule of successful conversations is to say only what the audience can’t provide on their own.  No more need be said than, “…the perfect amount of chocolate, fluffy, and Musketeer.”

Though one candy bar, Snickers, is intent on competing with snacks, in general, Three Musketeers seems content to compete within its category.  Bringing the brand name to life in an unexpected way will help Three Musketeers pop into mind when viewers think about of candy bars.

This 30-second ad is, by far, the best of the series.  The 15-second versions are lame.

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