RadioShack Admits They’re Stuck in a Time Warp

RadioShack Admits They’re Stuck in a Time Warp


 Unfortunately, the real message is that a visit to RadioShack is like stepping back into the 80’s. We are shown that RadioShack knows it is 30 years past its prime. The last scene of the newly remodeled RadioShack isn’t enough to make me think of them as meeting today’s needs; did they do anything other than change their shelving and lighting?

The ad is entertainingly done, but is based on a misunderstanding of the audience. The message assumes the audience will rationally interpret the information and draw a logical conclusion.

They were shooting for this message: “RadioShack knows it was out of date and is even willing to laugh at its old self, but RadioShack is now up with the times.”

Unfortunately, viewers don’t rationally analyze information when seeing advertisements; they simply experience them. And this experience makes RadioShack seem even more out of date.

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