Purple Pomegranate Protector

Purple Pomegranate Protector


POM Wonderful, a sweet pomegranate drink, actually offers tough protection. As the ad says, POM Wonderful has the “free radical hammering power of antioxidants.”   Most readers don’t know what free radicals or antioxidants are, but they know they don’t like the former and do like the latter.

Rather than simply stating this claim as a fact, the ad brings the power of POM Wonderful to metaphorical life in the form of a rampaging, purple, Cyclops.

Viewers enjoy metaphors because the interpretation of metaphors gives them a chance to participate a bit in the message. Metaphors allow viewers to become more than purely passive receivers of the message.

This particular metaphor goes beyond the literal fact and begins translating that fact into the feeling of having a powerful protector at your side. A fact becomes much more persuasive when translated into feeling.

The protagonist seems happy to see the Cyclops, but viewers initially think the Cyclops endangers the protagonist. This thought  is reinforced when the Cyclops swings his enormous club narrowly missing the protagonist’s head and knocking her potted plant from the table.

Even upon repeated viewings, the dangerous, slightly out-of-control protector seems a danger to the protagonist and it takes a moment to recalibrate.

Fierce clumsiness is meant to communicate loveable strength. But another approach to communicating loveable strength might still have all the positives without the momentary drawbacks.

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