Persuasion, Humor, and the ACA

Persuasion, Humor, and the ACA


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For several minutes, Barack Obama and Zach Galifianakis comically insult one another and Obama takes a moment to plug the ACA. The target, of course, is young people, difficult to reach through traditional media. Hence a visit by the president to a popular web show. The challenge is not to communicate information to the young. Everyone has heard ad nauseam about the ACA. The problem for the young is, how cool is the ACA? Does signing up with the ACA label you a worrying nerd or is it something that even hip people do? The true message in this video is not the literal facts it contains but the non-conscious impression that the ACA is also for young people who have a sense of humor. People don’t analyze information in forming opinions; they experience connections. This connection makes signing up with the ACA a lot more appealing for the young.

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