Many advertisers think too small when selecting a reward to offer for purchasing their product. PEDIGREE thinks big.

PEDIGREE could have focused on the ingredients in the dog food. Or PEDIGREE could have raised the discussion to how the qualities of the dog food aid the dog’s health. But PEDIGREE raises the discussion still further and focuses on how PEDIGREE brings out the best in dogs and dogs bring out the best in us. That’s thinking big. The reward for choosing PEDIGREE is not just having a better dog but being a better person.

The advertiser tells a little story to bring that reward to life. Even suggesting that the natural affinity dogs have for one another can help bring people together who are otherwise separated by hostility and fear.

Maybe dogs can help ease racial tension, maybe not. But PEDIGREE has associated itself with both having a healthy dog and bringing out the best in us. In doing so, they created an ad that people obviously like to watch and share.

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