Adobe Pats Themselves on the Back

Adobe Pats Themselves on the Back


Adobe celebrates 25 years of Photoshop with an amazing montage of what the program can do.

Adobe is understandably proud of Photoshop.  But consumer advertising seems an odd place to pat themselves on the back.

Do graphic professionals underestimate Photoshop?  Do they need to be reminded of its mind-blowing capabilities?  Do graphic professionals need to feel Photoshop’s creative possibilities to keep them from turning to other programs?  If the ad is targeted to graphic professionals, the placement is inefficient.

If the target is ordinary computer users, then consumer advertising makes sense.  But the ad itself makes less sense.  Photoshop seems to be able to do most anything if you can figure out how to use it.  The ad makes Photoshop feel intimidating, making an ordinary computer user less likely to buy it.  The visually arresting ad leaves viewers in awe of the program and of the people who have mastered it.

The ad may make Adobe feel good but may not do much for their business.

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