Pampers and Making Life Better for Babies

Pampers and Making Life Better for Babies


Pampers has produced a beautiful, emotional lullaby. A mother softly sings while charming, multi-national scenes of people making life “better for baby” illustrate her lyrics. Any viewer has to fight a tear.

Why did Pampers create this video? Is the Pampers brand, in fact, warm and caring and willing to do anything to make life “better for baby?” Maybe.

Pampers is also part of a giant, worldwide, consumer products corporation with over $80 billion in sales last year. Pampers has profit demands like every brand in P&G. Pampers is probably genuinely concerned with the welfare of babies. Surely, that is good business. On the other hand, a genuine concern for the welfare of babies is not why this video was created.

The video is an exercise in association. Pampers pairs its brand name with this emotional expression of concern for babies. Association needs no logic or facts, just repeated connection. Viewers don’t form impressions by analyzing facts but by experiencing pairings.

It doesn’t matter that the decision to create the video was calculated and can be justified to the corporation as improving the bottom line. It doesn’t matter that the video was done so that when people stand in the baby supplies section of their store, the resulting association will give them a little nudge in the Pampers direction.

Some may feel that the video is manipulative. It is. Its music and images were skillfully combined to evoke viewers’ emotion. It doesn’t matter. The association between Pampers and caring for babies occurs anyway.

The video is an example of creativity and emotion harnessed to build a brand and make a profit.

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