Oreo Thins: Fun and Sophistication in a Cookie

Oreo Thins: Fun and Sophistication in a Cookie


This ad introduces Oreo Thins with fun, sophistication, and single-minded purpose.

Oreo Thins are the latest addition to the Oreo line. For those who love the filling, Oreo has Double Stuf Oreos and a variety of filling flavors. For those who love the taste of the cookie more than the filling and who like that cookie crispy, Oreo is introducing Thins, only about one-third the thickness of the original.

Oreo doesn’t need to tell viewers about its flavor. It’s already the most popular cookie in the country. The company just has to tap into that well of knowledge and affection but make it clear that the flavor, fun, and personality of Oreo now come in an intriguing new shape.

Viewers see the classic Oreo shape and pattern highlighted by concentric circles. As the music rises with tongue-in-cheek importance, the concentric circles spin to reveal their thinness. Finally the Oreo, itself, spins to reveal its thinness. The profile of the new Oreo is two thin, dark bars separated by a thin, white bar. The visual metaphor of a stylized bar code in the background emphasizes that new profile and makes it memorable. The fingers holding the cookie at the end of the commercial clarify the cookie’s size.

The ad communicates what’s similar to the original and what’s different with simple graphics, with style, and with fun. It’s just a cookie and Oreo knows it, but it’s a cookie with personality.

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