On the Face of it, Gain Has a Problem

On the Face of it, Gain Has a Problem


Gain Clay Face 1Gain Clay Face 2





























The characters are standing on the face of the person the young man would like to impress.  Artful and intriguing set of ads.  The clever arrangement gives the reader a little puzzle they enjoy solving, gets attention, and holds it for a moment.  The reaction to the looking-good, young man takes place on the eye and the reaction to the smelling-bad, young man takes place under the nose.   The visual brings to life the tag line, “Smell as great as you look.”

But in both ads, the person most in need of the product is a young man, and young men are not the best target for a laundry detergent brand.  The image, moving from left to right, is success, followed by failure, followed by the brand.  Surely Gain wants to associate the brand with the solution not the problem.

If readers study the ads, analyze what’s going on, and logically interpret the meaning, the ads would work well.  If readers get a quick impression and association from the ads, Gain may be disappointed.

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